Application method is chosen depending on natural hair density, texture, length, and desired outcome. Lucy Hair Enhancement is applied with silicone-lined mini links that hold the hair extension to your hair,  all without the use of heat, wax, adhesive, or alcohol. Because of this application method, Lucy Hair Enhancement can be re-used for 12-16 months, making it quite cost effective. With so many options for hair extensions out there, it's hard to know what to choose. We believe in making an investment to ensure the best outcome; and you do  get what you pay for.

Maintenance is crucial in caring for your Lucy Hair. As your hair grows, the space between your hair and the extension gets larger, and this can lead to damage if it is ignored. Not maintaining hair extensions is the most common reason for damage occurring to the natural hair. We recommend scheduled maintenance appointments every 4-6 weeks; based on the rapidity of hair growth and hair texture. Lucy Hair Enhancement requires that you maintain good habits for at home care as well. We are thoroughly educated in making your hair look fabulous- and we educate you to do the same at home.