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New Before & After photos- It's fun to see the differences, whether going longer or just gaining fullness. 

Tricks and Tips for your new Lucy Hair

Getting a whole new head of hair is marvelously exciting.... but can be intimidating and overwhelming, too! As you  get acquainted with your new Lucy Hair, questions are bound to come up. Here, we have preemptively answered some of those questions, and included some tricks and tips as well. Properly taking care of your Lucy Hair Enhancement is crucial in ensuring you continue to have the greatest looking and feeling hair, and protects your investment, as well.


Brushing your Lucy hair regularly keeps it tangle free and manageable. A soft boar bristle brush is recommended at the root area, including DIRECTLY OVER where the hair is attached. This process of brushing where the hair grows out keeps hair that has shed from matting/tangling together. Brushing while holding your hair in a low ponytail causes the least amount of strain on your hair, especially when hair is wet. Begin brushing at the bottom, and work your way up to the top. (All brushing techniques will be demonstrated to you at the time of installation.) The soft brush will not be useful on the ends of the hair if tangles occur, so a wide-tooth comb or harder-bristled brush may be used on the ends. 


Washing  is done most effectively while keeping hair in a downward motion, or natural fall. This prevents any unwanted tangling. At the scalp, use your palms or inside of fingers to wash where extensions are attached. This technique will be demonstrated to you at time of installation. Washing should only need to be done every other day- or as long as you can go- embrace the messy look!


Styling  Lucy hair as you would your natural hair is acceptable, because it is human hair. Curling irons, flat irons, and blow driers are fine to use- preferably tools with adjustable heat settings and ceramic surfaces.  It is best to go to sleep at night with your Lucy hair completely dry, and air drying is an acceptable alternative to blow-drying. Our favorite ways to style hair include:

  • Let hair air-dry until about 80%- then dry with a paddle brush until smooth. Take small sections to ensure the hair is frizz-free.
  • Braid hair when damp or dry, in one or two loose braids. Sleep or let sit and take them our to emphasize wavy/beach hair look. Salt spray helps this style as a finisher. 
  • Wrap 2'' sections of hair around a 1" curling iron, until all hair is curled. Spray with a working hair spray before and after curling, and once curls are cooled off, brush out and toss with fingers. 
  • If your hair texture permits, let hair dry naturally after using a texture-enhancing product (salt sprays are great) and an oil on the ends. Hair will feel and look beachy/gritty when the correct products are used. Add a few fun waves on top or in the front with an iron once hair is dry. 

Although styling sounds like a lot of work, typically, Lucy Hair clients find that styling requires less effort than expected. Lucy Hair provides volume and hold, even to natural hair, making styles last longer and air-dried texture more desirable. If you need any help working with your hot tools, picking out the right styling product, or ideas for second or third-day hair- just ask!


Product is a CRUCIAL element in keeping your Lucy Hair Enhancement feeling and looking amazing. Low quality hair product will only deteriorate your Lucy Hair quickly. Remember, we use human hair, it once received nutrients and moisture from its root. No longer being attached to a root means it no longer receives nutrients naturally, thus; we have to make sure we are supplementing nutrients with the correct products. We recommend using a HIGH QUALITY, moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, oil and finishing product. We sell good products so you can have a good experience- we'll send you home with the correct items. When kept hydrated, your hair will look and feel amazing, and lasts longer. Protecting your investment with the correct products is a no-brainer. 


Maintaining your Lucy Hair Enhancement in the salon is an absolute necessity.  We recommend to you the preferred time frame for this maintenance, typically every 4-6 weeks. This process is essential to keeping your natural hair in good condition and must be completed at the scheduled time frame. If you are unable to commit to the maintenance, you are most likely not a good candidate for Lucy Hair. We take keeping the integrity of natural hair very seriously and we cannot do that unless maintenance is performed. Following instruction on brushing, washing, and product use ALL make an impact on the experience you have with Lucy Hair Enhancement, and maintenance is the most important. 


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact your Lucy Hair Specialist, or email us.




Referral Program

All of our existing clients receive $50 off their next maintenance appointment when they refer new clients to Lucy Hair Enhancement. Say whaaat?!


Q:   How long does my hair need to be for Lucy Hair Enhancement?

For the most natural looking results, hair should be 4-5’’ long at the nape of your neck. Thinner hair can be blended with extensions much more easily than thick hair, and longer layers are better to blend as well. The longer your natural hair, the longer end result is achievable.

Q:   Will hair extensions make my hair break off?

When hair extensions are applied and maintained correctly, they do not make natural hair break off. Clients must be willing to take care of and maintain their hair extensions at home and in the salon, and treat them nicely. If you cannot commit to maintenance and using the recommended product- you probably are not a good candidate and would risk damaging your natural hair.

Q:  Is Lucy Hair Enhancement applied by heat or glue?

We use three application methods, which we choose individually for the client in the consultation process. The chosen method enables us to achieve the outcome that is desired, all without the use of heat, glue, adhesive, chemicals, or alcohol.

Q:   How often do hair extensions need to be maintained?

Maintenance is crucial to having a positive experience with Lucy Hair Enhancement. The worst thing a client could do to their hair is to ignore maintenance. This is typically where hair extension horror stories come from- and usually the client was not educated on how important maintenance is.  Your hair extensions need to be maintained every 4-8 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows and the texture it is. During a consultation, we determine the recommended length of time for maintenance appointments. Most Lucy clients prefer to come in every 6 weeks and have their color and hair extensions taken care of at the same time.

Q:   What kind of maintenance is involved daily?

Brushing with a soft, board bristle brush and the use of good quality product (we will recommend what to use) will keep your hair feeling and looking amazing. Lucy Stylists are trained to extensively educate each client about brushing, washing, and product use to ensure a great experience, and help you protect your investment.

Q:   Speaking of investment- how much is Lucy Hair Enhancement, and is it reusable?

Each individual client starts with different hair, and wants a different outcome with hair extensions. Because of this reason, it is extremely hard to give exact prices without seeing each client in person, and looking at their natural hair. The desired outcome with hair extensions could be filling out a haircut or adding thickness, to greatly adding volume and length- this creates a wide range of prices. Typically, prices for initial application and hair range between $450-800. Obviously, to get a more tailored quote we need to meet you and hear about your hair dreams in a consultation. Unlike many other types of hair extension, Lucy Hair Enhancement can be re-used for around 12 months, which saves our clients a fortune.

Q:   Can I swim with my Lucy hair? Can I use styling tools, like curling irons?

You can do everything with Lucy Hair that you would do without them- but you’ll look and feel fabulous with them! When swimming, we recommend a braid or adding a moisturizer before hand to prevent tangles. Using 100% human hair ensures it can be styled just like your natural hair, with flat and curling irons, blow driers, etc.   Most Lucy clients find that their hair is actually less work to style WITH Lucy Hair Enhancement, giving it more volume and styling hold.