Hair is an art form. Coloring, cutting, and styling our hair are all ways we express who we are on a day to day basis.  Suzanne, a hair artist and owner of Lucy Hair Enhancement, fell in love with the art and science of hair in 2006, experimenting with coloring and cutting techniques to make her clients feel beautiful and confident. Quickly, Suzanne realized that most women felt they could not realistically achieve their “dream hair." Meanwhile, she was taking certification classes, assisting hair extension specialists, constantly both practicing and wearing various application methods of hair extensions, and began providing those clients with a way to obtain their “dream hair."  Subsequently, she started to build a reputation as the hair extension specialist, as her clients were amazed when they looked in the mirror and saw the hair they never thought they could have. By enhancing their natural hair, they are able to achieve their dream hair- the essential feminine accessory. 

Lucy Hair Enhancement came to be out of a need to count on a hair extension experience that can actually enhance a client's natural hair, not just make it longer- as any hair extension can. Enhancing hair maintains a natural look and feel, keeping in mind that hair extensions don’t always have to be incredibly long, outrageously thick, or take hours to apply.  

Lucy Hair Enhancement is perfectly suited to individual needs of each client and designed to exceed expectations; a truly custom approach to wearing hair extensions. We have the privilege of building respectful and professional relationships with clients, while also providing them an incredible product and outstanding service. Lucy Hair Enhancement is available from a specific group of stylists, all whom share the same passion and understanding, and are highly educated in the hair extension industry. We look forward to meeting you and making your hair dreams reality!